30 September 2008

blind date

29 September 2008

Day 1

28 September 2008

exercising my creativity

My life is at a creative stand-still and has been pretty much my entire college career. So I'm going to try submitting one creative piece of work (a story, a visual piece, or even an idea, which I should act on and flesh out within a week of submitting) every day for at least the next three months in this blog. With this exercise comes the understanding that not everything I produce will be good, but it will at least get the juices flowing.

I think that Michigan, in many ways, is a creatively stifling environment, but I don't think it needs to be that way. There could be a more thriving creative community if everyone just created more and supported and worked off of others' ideas.

This is my first effort to create such an environment. I will submit my first post of this project tomorrow.

02 September 2008

smooth move