31 March 2011

Sarah let me join her in her studio tonight and let me use her paints and some canvas scraps to mess around. I had a really good time. I am not at all good at painting but it's really fun to be in a studio again and get to push colors around on a surface. People who get to do this all the time whenever they want are really lucky humans. While I understand that I am not really a painter or anything, I'm pretty satisfied with my background for this and the way the colors all look together.

28 March 2011

(just for fun)

27 March 2011

Here's a little sketch of a comic that I drew yesterday...click to enlarge.

23 March 2011

Just another lil guy.

20 March 2011

The Ghost of Purim Past

Pictured above are two drawings produced by the same artist (I bet you can guess who). My dad e-mailed me this morning with a Purim greeting with the left image attached. Coincidentally, I drew a beautiful Purim-related picture just yesterday!

Behind the cut are more, random, and for some reason, blurry, drawings.

Speaking of drawings, I'm pretty pumped for tomorrow, since I've been invited to a Cartoon Network-hosted drink n draw open bar party. Probably the coolest thing I will do in New York before I get ultra famous and rich.

17 March 2011

microminature collage

14 March 2011

After more than a week of constantly working, I could use a break - but not an entire week off. Not working is just as bad as working too much. Without something to seek respite from, I often end up getting very little done. Aside from attempting to return a book at the library (but the drop box was full and the library closed on Mondays), getting stuck talking to another guy trying to do the same thing (and by "guy" I mean older gentleman whose accent I could barely understand and ended up, I think, trying to ask me out, and watching the documentary based off of Freakonomics, I really didn't do much.

I, did, though, draw a little.

10 March 2011

07 March 2011

I made my first ever animated GIFs from some pictures I really like from JumpinJammerz.com (thanks, Jamie, for suggesting I do it). Man, that site cracks me up. Click through to check them out. It's kind of overwhelming to have on the main page.

02 March 2011

After much reluctance, my maternal grandmother finally obliged our family and logged on to the internet. She is pretty overwhelmingly anti-technology; although she lugs around an antiquated cell phone, she rarely uses it. In fact, a while ago she made a passing comment about needing to buy herself a secondary address book so that she could contact people on her cell phone from the car. When I suggested she input the numbers to her cell phone, she quickly changed the topic.

Anyway, my grandma finally realized that she has a greater chance of getting in contact with us by sending us e-mails. The only problem is that she has basically no understanding of how to edit what she has written, and every missive I receive from her includes at least one typo and some comment about, "I don't know what happened here..." They're really great and funny, and I feel compelled to share this with the world (a.k.a. the few people who frequent my blog, and maybe my future self when I go back and reflect on this). So, here you are. Bask in the glory of my grandmother's attempt to use the internet. Also: if you know what "T.T.B. of C." means, please tell me, because she signs every e-mail that way and I still have no idea what it's all about.

Dear Molly,you can devise as you go along.....lots of beans. I put browned ground veal in it.I don't know what happened to this letter. You have to do creative reading.

How did the portabellos and peppers go? I made a pot of chili for Rose and Sy. He called and was raving about it. I just improvised. I have not made chili in years,But Papa used to like it.
Also it is a good entree that