29 April 2011

I don't know if you've heard, but I am now in charge of a sweet new blog called Fan Forum on the PictureBox website. I'm hoping that people start submitting fan art to me soon. It'd be really awkward if nobody submits anything and I end up just having to make my own fan art under assumed names.

Would that be an unscrupulous start to my first semi-professional blog? Don't worry - my days of forging submissions are over (but the forgeries we thought up during the days of Shagnet on WCBN were pretty damn funny sometimes, you've got to admit).

25 April 2011

I think turning 23 has changed me.

Today is my 23rd birthday. It is also Jessica's and my 2nd anniversary. Two years ago today, we first met. It was a beautiful coming together of creatures. Just so you know, I still adore her. Here pictures of some funny Easter hats I saw yesterday on 5th Avenue. Also, check out my venn diagram in the Venn Diagram Museum!

21 April 2011

The silver lining of under-employment is that I have time to tweet for PictureBox about Mr. Fatty.

17 April 2011

This song has been stuck in my head for the last few days. It's driving me nuts!

13 April 2011

Tamale Tapes Preview from jacob Hurwitz-Goodman on Vimeo.

Jacob is coming home from Ghana in June. I can't wait to see his documentary.

12 April 2011

I drew this fellow today. For some reason, when he appeared on the page, it occurred to me that his name has to be Rolph. Not Ralph. Rolph. He's not a great-looking guy, but he has a magnificent personality. His friends love best his knack for story-telling - never does Rolph leave the room without evoking a hearty laugh from his companions. Best of all, he cooks a mean ziti.

10 April 2011

Simple Request

Please send some good vibes my way tonight and tomorrow morning. 


09 April 2011

My sister and dad despise baby corn; they like to talk about how it freaks them out. Makes me want to look up the wikipedia page for baby corn. Tempting 5am reading. Baby corn doesn't particularly bother me. If it's in my meal I will eat it - wutevah.

03 April 2011

02 April 2011

Although I know that I definitely had friends during my early high school years, I remember spending an awful lot of time alone in my bedroom, talking to people I didn't know on a kinda lame online forum (for the fans of Saddle Creek Record Label), and taking many too many photographs of myself to post online and receive affirmation of my attractiveness from weird probably old guys on the internet. Before you pass judgement, I have a feeling that almost anyone around my age likely went through a similar phase of simultaneous vanity and insecurity.

Thankfully, since then, I have dropped the vanity part and now just feel generally insecure a lot of the time about my appearance and believe only the negative things that people say about it (which I think is mostly me reminding myself of the kid in middle school who exclaimed at me, "My GOD you're ugly!" - I have a sort of encyclopedic memory of instances when I felt humiliated and ashamed...yet I can never seem to remember where my keys are!).

I'm digressing, though. My point here is basically that today I found myself back in the old mode of taking photos of myself to post on the internet. The cool thing is that I have an actual reason to do this - because I am now officially a published freelance writer (it's kind of a lame topic, but it feels good getting paid for doing what I studied in college), and so I need a sweet picture of myself to use for my profile. So I thought it might be kinda ~*fun*~ to post some of the pictures in the running. Unfortunately it seems like the problem with taking pictures of myself alone in my bedroom means that a lot of the pictures are pretty "myspace-y." I'm not sure they even actually look like me.

***Update*** I sort of came to realize that when I used this as my profile picture, I looked more like a mail-order bride than a freelance writer. Life is hard.

I'm going to post my favorite behind the cut. Click to view.