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29 May 2009

live from the sauna

Latest stencils - COMBINED! 9 colors in all. I need to find paper that does not bend as I load on the layers.

28 May 2009

26 May 2009


If you click on this, it will get much larger.


22 May 2009


i am creatively paralyzed right now.
i hope this ends so i can do something soon.
but i just do not have the will to try.

20 May 2009

uncle father oscar

19 May 2009


First fish. I'm going to add more fish in different layer/color combos to some of the prints. I like it in all its stages!

11 May 2009

as if you couldn't already (tfltm!)

None of the prints I made today looked good. I cut one of them up and glued it onto another one, and this is what happened. To me, it looks like a fish.

Um...And this.

08 May 2009

vanishing act

Having scanner issues. Will try at Angell Hall tomorrow. I like the non-skeletal prints more...further exploration to come, most likely.

07 May 2009


05 May 2009



I hate the last panel. It's supposed to be the girl's nostrils but it looks more like a mustache or something. I hope I can fix it. Coloring in is next...I will go do that NOW. Probably multi-post day, today.

04 May 2009


Almost-finished sketch for a dream sequence that will be part of my thing for next year. I HOPE THIS WORKS.

03 May 2009

the cactus that broke my heart

Actual, more involved projects soon. I hope.