27 April 2009

wreck loose

Just testing out some peacocks...I used the printing press with water-based inks and it turned out KOOL.

25 April 2009


I think I'm going to use this for my next print. Summer is going to be: working a lot (I hope) and when I'm not working, printing a lot.

23 April 2009

considering worm-eating again.

Nothing to show for myself...but tomorrow is my printmaking class art show, so if you happen to be in Ann Arbor and are curious...it'll be in room 126 of East Quad from 11am until 7pm.

21 April 2009

almost break!

Finally, a little time to work on personal projects. This is the beginning of a rough draft of a comic I am making to send as a "Thank You!" to Quintron: he encouraged some friends and me to sneak into his show last Wednesday when we couldn't on account of our minordom, gave me a free copy of his newest CD, "Too Thirsty 4 Love," as well as a cassette tape recording of (a decent portion of) his set - it was essentially more amazing than anything I could have hoped for. I hope that this comic does not weird him out or offend him in any way. I plan to transfer the final sketch via light table to nicer paper in pen.

20 April 2009


Not worth explaining.

15 April 2009


Ooo! Gold ink!

14 April 2009

today, it is raining. sophie still likes ranch.

More messing around with triangles.

Also, I am starting to get the drafts going for a story for my thesis next year. Better to start early. I will bet only those I told could guess where the grandmother's memory lane will take us...

10 April 2009


09 April 2009

getting there...

I have all of my colors printed except the top layer for this print (these are just practice ones). I'm going to redo the screen for that, and then finish them. Better than yesterday's but still not quite there.

07 April 2009

knees hurt

I spent my entire day printing these. My knees hurt now.

06 April 2009

alison sockets

I am going to have this made into a transparency tomorrow.

girl from ipanema

Worked some more on Trixie today. Also drew more of the bug collection - I put the tracing paper bugs I've drawn under the actual drawing for this scan. Once I finish the row and add one more, I will be ready to move on to the next step.

EDIT: Now it's done.

picked up off the street

On Saturday, I found a pile of CDs on the ground. Among them was the Titanic soundtrack as well as this Yanni CD. I've always been curious about what his music actually sounds like, so I snagged it off the pavement and popped it into the stereo at work. While Yanni blasted, I took this picture of Sophie with her phone's camera. I thought it was pretty funny, and post-worthy.

05 April 2009


Starting to collect bugs for an insect collection print.

01 April 2009


Pretty much nothing about this print worked out the way I wanted it to. I printed the skin color in a way that in order to have it in register (which I like, because then the lady's eyes are the fun colors), the border turned out crooked. One of the lines in the screen is too thin, and started fading away...blech. I think, though, that if I tried again, I would like the ultimate, un-screwed-up outcome.