08 September 2011

I started my day with this picture (thanks, Kathy!) and ended it drawing over the following:

03 September 2011

one of the good things that came out of my 10 months living in a tomb

Also I guess a by-product of my being a semi-hoarder and not wanting to get rid of things. Regardless, I think that whatever water damage happened to these pictures, it was not damage at all. Pretty cool, huh?

Man, I am such a mysterious woman.

01 September 2011

Sometimes I really wonder how/why songs get stuck in my head. I mean, most of the songs that I have stuck in my head don't really reflect my tastes in music. This one, for instance. I was just "chillin'" in my bedroom and suddenly I realize that I am silently singing this to myself. WHY! Dear lord.

I've had lots of strange information floating through my head today. Like I learned about how it used to be in vogue in ~18th century England to have your own personal hermit living on your property. Or how about this: 1/4 of the species of mammals are bats! And there are these bats that have a SIX FOOT WINGSPAN! THAT IS SO TERRIFYING. On the other hand, there also exist bats that are tiny, cute, and white, like lil marshmallows.

You learn something new every day.