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30 August 2010

flash collage

28 August 2010

unfortunate titles

I'm thinking about dabbling in children's literature. Maybe I could do better than this one.

27 August 2010

Good Morning

roadside attractions

On the entrance to I-75 South, heading to the Burton Theater for Moving Pictures Night, I noticed a humungous slice of watermelon (like probably 1/5th, its entire length).

24 August 2010

hahahaha I think there's shmootz on my face in these pictures.


I made something horrifying with the photobooth pix.

22 August 2010

sick of unemployment

Do employers like comix? I think I might have made myself look a little uglier than I really am...

21 August 2010

not a great video, but a little slice of life

A video from the airport yesterday - while I waited for my plane, I enjoyed some snoring in stereo.

Moving Pictures 2 from Cellphone Videos on Vimeo.

I think some of my work is going to be in this. Yay!

19 August 2010

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17 August 2010

On my first real vacation in forever. I went in the Atlantic ocean today (briefly)! It was outrageously cold. I am so ready to move out East.

14 August 2010


All moved out. Sad. :(

13 August 2010

12 August 2010

I posted this sign up a few places around Ann Arbor a couple days ago. Somebody already took it down though :( .

11 August 2010

animating my comics

Today I'm going to work on adding some "umph" to my comics with Jacob and Scotty. I hope we make them into something awesome. If I'm proud of the outcome, I will post them on here.

10 August 2010

09 August 2010

07 August 2010

06 August 2010

I think I feel a self-portrait coming on.


Alison and I combine forces to create the ultimate beast.

05 August 2010

It's best to keep things simple.

03 August 2010

nauseum ad nauseum

but: i voted.

02 August 2010

thank you, larry

Listened to a homeless man in Detroit talk today. He said some interesting things, and seems really, genuinely happy.

-- Everything about this moment is perfect - it's because there is a perfect amount of everything that there needs to be here right now. It's wonderful. And you could take me to Hollywood, and try to recreate this moment - you could give me all the money in the world to try to reproduce this - and I wouldn't be able to.--

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