31 December 2009

taken out of context

I messed up on the perspective, but I don't think it's horrible.

30 December 2009


the end of "pocket pomes"

I've bound them.

28 December 2009


more stamp pad fun!!!!!

27 December 2009

25 December 2009

the eyes

23 December 2009


22 December 2009

>++free @ last++<

More to come soon.

21 December 2009

boo hoo

I bought my first ever U of M apparel today at Value World - found art to lift my spirits.

19 December 2009

bummer city

Made this collage. It's larger than my scanner, so this is not ALL of it.

15 December 2009

(...but wait, there's more!)

...but I don't feel like scanning them all right now. I went to Kinko's and went wild.

14 December 2009




very simple collage

11 December 2009

death and the maiden

07 December 2009

more animal behavior

06 December 2009

my favorite room

Taking a break from paper writing to share a composite image of my favorite bathroom that, I think, illustrates how terribly STRESSED OUT the entire University of Michigan is right now! Yikes! TOO STRESSED TO PUSH DOWN THE PAPER TOWELS IN THE GARBAGE! Now that's serious.

01 December 2009

December - ALREADY!!?

It's a bad scan because all the people in the fishbowl were hogging the scanning computers! Right now is an insanely hectic time in my life so I'm unsure how many updates I will be doing in the next two weeks. Hopefully a decent amount (I will be needing to wrap things up with this semester of Printmaking and begin preparing for next semester). Yikes. Cross your fingers for me or something.

30 November 2009

animal behavior

29 November 2009

leftovers [...yum?]

27 November 2009

26 November 2009

revisionist history

23 November 2009

not your iguana (please stay in that aisle)

multicolored pocket pomes

I'm very pleased with how these came out. I think it might be overkill to post all of them, so for now, I will just post my favorite two of the two pages I scanned.

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