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31 October 2011

happy halloween

29 October 2011

Krilly's Masterpieces

These are what it would look like if Kristina and I had babies, I guess...A couple delightful exquisite corpses. A good way to spend Saturday.

17 October 2011

This is what it's come to

Sharpie, White Out, and Hi-Liter on post-it.

11 October 2011

My Cat's Secret Life

Tonight I was walking near Union Square and discovered the double life led by my beloved cat, Jessica. Apparently while I'm at work, she's out making her way as a soothsayer. Who'd've thunk it?

06 October 2011

Man, it's been a while since I've posted. Gotta get back into this. Making things every day was great. Maybe once I have my desk all cleaned off, I can go for it.

Today I got an e-mail from North Face about a shipping label generated for returning a North Face jacket on warranty. I'm not sure which Molly Roth this was for - I mean it's for Molly D. Roth, not me, Molly S. Roth - but I've gotta say, it makes me feel a little strange to be one of many of my kind. I don't even rank very well in Google searches. Gotta amp up my SEO power.