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30 September 2010

28 September 2010

My job hunt continues. On the Cornell in NYC webpage, I thought this video was kind of funny - the play button reminds me of a beak.

27 September 2010

I ordered a scanner online today. Plus I have a desk. Now all I need is a desk lamp and I will be back in business!

23 September 2010

22 September 2010

After going to see a Czech movie on the roof tonight (which starred a guy who I knew looked like someone American and famous, and after the movie, my friend pointed out that that individual was, in fact, Kelsey Grammer), I started thinking about other Czech movies I like. Little Otik, by Jan Svankmajer, is one such film. I decided to watch the trailer, got distracted, and left the page with the trailer paused halfway through. When I came back, this image was on the screen and I really liked it. Blog blog blog.

20 September 2010

I walked from Bushwick to Crown Heights last night, and found this outside of a school on my way. I really liked it, so i took it.

19 September 2010

Right before I started recording this, the fire truck was laying on its horn because the cable guy was blocking it from saving a cat stuck in a tree or putting out a ravenous fire or something.

Also, I bought a composition notebook in hopes of recording all my (mis)adventures in the city so I have some fodder to get back into the comic-drawing groove.

18 September 2010

creeping on the subway

17 September 2010

Starting to decorate my new bedroom a little bit.

16 September 2010

extreme weather

I accidentally locked myself out of my apartment without my phone or shoes. Meanwhile, I looked outside of my building to see multiple fallen tree branches from the terrifying storm that had just struck. I sat outside of my apartment door, watching the firemen walking and ambulances driving by, listening to the moderate pandemonium in the streets, and generally freaking out until my neighbor came home and let me stay in her apartment until our super got back to let me in. Then I drew this guy.

15 September 2010

13 September 2010

scannerless in the city

Until I buy myself a scanner, I will resort to taking pictures of my things, I guess.

12 September 2010

11 September 2010

09 September 2010

Goodbye, Michigan. I will miss you - but I will remember all the fun times we shared.

08 September 2010

I'm packing for my big move to the Big Apple on Friday and in the process, I found this bizarre slide. I don't have access at this moment to a slide scanner, so I can't reveal the image on the slide, but I do think that the slide itself has a cool look to it.

07 September 2010

05 September 2010

more from the garden

Mother's home-grown red pepper.

03 September 2010

garden scanning experiments

An eggplant from my mother's garden.

audio comics

If you weren't at Moving Pictures Night at the Burton Theater in Detroit the other day and you missed my animated comics, you can download the audio version of "Conjoined" from the link below. Scotty Wagner is the genius behind the sound production/editing, and Jacob Hurwitz-Goodman also worked on the vocals with us.

01 September 2010

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