31 July 2009

a good omen

On my walk to work today, I saw this really adorable dead fish on the concrete. At first I couldn't even tell what it was; I just saw some object on the ground with black dots, which I soon realized were many swarming flies. I'm not sure why I couldn't tell right away that it was a dead fish, because it was completely intact. Its mouth was huge and wide open and disturbing. It made me wonder, how did s/he get there? I mean, did someone catch it while fishing and then just completely abandon it? Did it commit fish suicide? What a mystery! Although I could tell that the lil guy etched himself in my memory, I drew a note to myself during work so that I'd remember and draw him later (just in case). And, TA DA.

28 July 2009

back where i belong

I finally made it to the print studio today and spent a few hours working on the Janet print. I made minimal mistakes (see also: 3-D Janet...which I think looks cool anyway!) and did some experimenting. I ended up deciding that I like Janet the best with only negative space (or at least, with mostly negative space)...so most of my prints are like the one without any blue filling...though, I really like the blue-filled one without any green or blue. Yay! I guess I just needed some time away to get back into the groove.

27 July 2009

on the road to nowhere

Feeling pretty stuck. I don't like this, it's just a really bad rip off of Paperrad! Ugh! But I guess it's good to experiment with a palate outside of my comfort zone.

Also: this is at least a "sketch" of sorts for the cover of my comic book. I don't know whether I'll use this exact drawing or just something like it, but hey - it's a start! Now I just have to start actually drawing the comics that go inside it!

26 July 2009

quick note to self

Must remember: Today at work, these two men rented a canoe for one of our river trips. When I helped them get into it, I noticed they'd brought with them a Ziplock bag (this isn't that strange...generally people put their keys, wallet, phone, etc. in a Ziplock bag to protect them from the water). These guys, though, had put three packages of Listerine breath strips. I really just don't understand why they'd want to protect them...but I do know that I wanted to make a note of it and remember it...so this is how I will do it for now. Check.

22 July 2009


I got upset the other day because walking home from work after closing, I didn't see the Great Blue Heron that I have come to adopt as my spirit animal, but thankfully, when I walked home YESTERDAY at close, he was there again. I think I should probably develop a design to make a Great Blue Heron print.

what's in store for janet

Preparing Janet for screen printing...

20 July 2009

sweet reprieve

...because coloring is fun.

Time is so precious. I hope to make it into the printmaking studio VERY SOON.

17 July 2009

dear diary

13 July 2009

feeling stuck

I don't really like this. I'm in a creative rut right now - it might be mostly due to exhaustion.

another gross old man

I will try to do something more interesting soon.

10 July 2009

the new mr dashing

09 July 2009


I hate Gary, and I'm giving up on him. I ended up tearing a screen when I was about to deposit his final layer. Bleck! Also, Here is a comic - I started it yesterday, and I couldn't keep myself from coloring it in, but it really isn't done yet.

08 July 2009

i'll have to check with her, but i think sophie STILL likes ranch

I've been having bad luck in the print studio, but I hope it turns around next time I go!
This drawing will be the next print I make, once I fix Gary.

06 July 2009

off days

Just a super quickly drawn comic...Trying to get back into the comix groove.

05 July 2009


Some failed attempts at self portrait (wearing my new-used hooters tank top...and just my face). At least they look like a person. I will just have to keep practicing.

04 July 2009

not loving gary

I'll have to try this again.


03 July 2009

can't all be gems

I tried to draw a picture of my sister, but it looks a lot not like her...In fact, it just looks like a bad drawing. Boo hoo.

02 July 2009


01 July 2009

make new stencils, but use the old

new take on an old stencil