26 July 2010

25 July 2010

"we have a job"

It's not perfect, but not bad.

la quince de pepi

23 July 2010

i've come a long way

Looking back at old work can be enlightening as well as slightly painful. Last night I found my old deviantart account, and with mixed feelings of disgust, shame, and nostalgia, I went through, found the ones I wanted to save, and deleted the account. I'm embarrassed by the stuff that, at that time, I considered my finest artwork. I am thankful that now I can look at it, though, and understand that those pieces are in my past and I have evolved as an artist since then - rapidly.

This photo of Jacob H-G looking out from an overpass in Detroit is the most painful for me to accept that I took. It was when digital cameras were new and my 3 megapixel camera was actually pretty high-tech. Beyond its technical failings, this is just such a cheesy and typical shot. I was just excited at the time to get out and see what my camera could do.

I also found the "the comic that started it all." Freshman year of college, I took a writing seminar where we studied the food industry - industrial, organic, etc. I really enjoyed the class, but at times I felt overwhelmed by how frequently corn came up as a topic, and I drew this:

After positive encouragement from my peers about the short three panel strip, I began doodling little comics every now and then - the kernel of potential (if you will, ha ha) was planted within me.

22 July 2010

19 July 2010

17 July 2010

16 July 2010

dead celeb magazine

Tonight my friends and I were talking about making a zine with pictures of dead celebrities. I got pretty excited about this idea, so I rushed home and worked on my contribution. I hope it's not too offensive.

13 July 2010

12 July 2010

it's raining so hard


09 July 2010

"play it again, sam"

my pal hj (one quick one and one incomplete)

I started the Madeline one too low on the page, so there's not room for his skirt and socks (perhaps the best part!) and instead he looks like he's floating. This drawing it going to have to undergo some paper surgery - I'm thinking an augmentation.

Finished masterpiece:

08 July 2010

05 July 2010

just killing time

01 July 2010