30 June 2009

in it to win it

If all goes according to plan, in a matter of days, this will be a screen print.


Hung out with Jacob - we walked to Belle Isle and co-drew these masterpieces.

29 June 2009

thanks, josh

Trying out Josh's wacom tablet. Needs getting used to.

28 June 2009

jessica hedwig suzanne katz

the death of mr baltisberger

This lil guy could use some more work...

27 June 2009

missed that memo

If only I had heard about the book, Beasts 2
, and Fantagraphics' call to artists to submit work! Unfortunately I only ever even heard of the book until yesterday, when I bought it on sale. I am addicted to drawing monsters...in fact, here's one I drew last night. I think I'm going to turn the lil guy into a screen print soon.

25 June 2009

24 June 2009


Page one of my Quintron comic!!! I still need to decide about coloring this one in...another page is in the works. Still outlining my honors thesis.

22 June 2009

pumped for the adjustment

poster for wcbn - expect much more in the next few days (expecting to be called off at work due to unseasonably high waters!)

16 June 2009

these hands of mine

14 June 2009

meye legs [pt. 4!]


13 June 2009

Another dioramma in progress


11 June 2009

doodling during down time ... +

Dilemma: I've lost my Quintron comic sketch !!

10 June 2009

09 June 2009

legs part II: the screen print

Mixed feelings about this print. It requires more work and thought. Please, stay tuned for part III: the reinvention of my legs - probably will finish it later tonight.

08 June 2009

diorama in progress

My hope: more details, creatures - and, eventually, animation! Apologies for the low quality of the photos.

pool guy

07 June 2009

woody allen

I think I'm not done with the top one yet...

06 June 2009

ode to my iron deficiency

This is a terrible drawing, but I think it's going to make a fantastic print. Experimenting with my new india ink and brushes. I'm going to try for more and more frequent updates in the near future.

02 June 2009


I've been "studying" comics in order to prepare for the construction my own comic book - it's been an extremely interesting and fun pursuit so far. Epileptic by David B. mentions the famous erotic comic artist, Georges Pichard. I was blown away by Beauchard, so I found a collection of comics by Pichard, and they are so cool that I feel compelled to post the cover art from one of his books on my blog. I know this is by no means "new" but it's new to me...and I am very impressed. Truly wild and inspiring work - if only I knew French!

01 June 2009