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26 February 2009

coming soon?

Ideas for next printmaking project - though I don't know what size it's supposed to be or what materials I will use.

24 February 2009

cover letter

I plan to apply to Fantagraphic Books publishing company this summer for an internship. Here's the cover letter I made just now for my resume. I hope there aren't any errors here..that would be ironic. It's nice to finally draw a comic after taking such a long break from it - I would definitely like to get back into the swing of drawing.

17 February 2009


Hung out some more in the print studio today and worked on "my image." (Ha. Ha. Ha.)

I continued printing my first ever edition (of 5!!!) - now I have to wait for them to dry so I can print the key block on top. Here are some of my old proofs that I played with. Some of them turned out scary (but I still think post-worthy), and others turned out pretty nicely! I'm looking forward to see how my actual prints turn out. This is time consuming!

15 February 2009

my face

I'm very glad I chose the angry face, because this project eats up all my time, and I'm getting frustrated! Today I didn't print anything on any fancy paper - just test prints to see how it's all coming along. I don't know whether I will settle at the end on realistic skin colors or what. I want to change some parts of my shadows. I think they could be darker, and I don't think I want to have the irises filled with the darker color. I can't tell whether the dark ink is coming out blotchy because I'm printing wet-on-wet or if it's because I'm over- or under-inking. This is a big time learning experience. I've also posted one of my mistakes in registering the blocks. It looks like scary musculature face. I've also posted the very lightest layer printed with the key block over it, as well as all the blocks. They look crappy...but when I post the final prints, mark my words, I will be satisfied!

11 February 2009


Let's hope this prints okay!


This is how it looks.

10 February 2009

i am a stupid jerk

Can't figure out what to do for this self portrait! My...future self?

Angry self?

09 February 2009


I tried sketching an idea for a self portrait, but it ended up looking like Josh again! So then I made an EDGIER self portrait, but I think it's too edgy for me. Oh, woe is me. How will I ever achieve self representational perfection???

06 February 2009

old news

04 February 2009

nearing the end of the tentacle

This is the only dry one right now.

03 February 2009

almost an octopus

The front and back of one of the prints (I liked both sides!)

Two tentacles I like so far.

Two rotated tentacles

And one more.

02 February 2009

a cut above the rest

I cut again into my tentacle...So now I have just one or two more cuts to go before I am done. I printed almost all of my 8 with this cut...I will post what I have when the ink dries - this was just a practice. I think that the finer lines tie the image together. I just hope I don't mess it up on the next cuts!

note to self

I have a myspace, and on that myspace I have twice received creepy proposition messages, which I am sure would be good comic material.

1. December 26, 2009 I received this message:
"Hello I'm looking for anyone in the southeast michigan area who may like the chance to be in some realistic hospital scenraio photos. I do all kinds of scenrios and equipment from oxygen mask and IV's to ambu bag, CPR, defibrillation and life support. this is all fake just looks real, there are no needeles or tubes in you it all just looks real. if you think you might be interested send me your e-mail address and i'll send you some sample photos from other people i have met. also my yahoo name is below if you want to chat."
From this guy

2. Just now I received this message:
"hiya, do you think it'd be fun trampling a guy under your feet?"
From this guy

Weird and creepy stuff...perfect for my thing!