30 November 2008

dad collaboration

Visited my dad a lot this weekend. He showed me these rubbings he's been doing with plain white paper, medical tape, and crayon. He gave me one that I liked a lot and told me to do something with it. This is what I came up with.

29 November 2008

29 november 2008

28 November 2008



27 November 2008

Happy Thanksgiving

Slow progress on my hard boiled comic. But progress, nonetheless!

26 November 2008

collage of old things

25 November 2008

24 November 2008

23 November 2008

i am very close

You probably wouldn't guess it, but I used pieces of the pictures of the Alden B. Dow house to make this digital collage. Oh, wow!

22 November 2008

Field Trip

Today I went to the Dow House in Midland, Michigan. It was really awesome and inspiring. For now, all I have from the experience are some photographs, but I'm hoping to use what I saw to make something of my own. That counts for this project, right?

21 November 2008

Tough Week!

20 November 2008

hybrid beasts

19 November 2008

two down...

After finishing the second of three essays due for tomorrow (but one, now for Thursday), I took a break and worked more on biggish collage. Wowwooo now I kind of hate it!

18 November 2008

almost there

Last night I broke another dish and decided to glue the pieces together and make it into a collage...I could only take a picture with my cell phone...once I'm totally done with it, I will borrow a real camera or something to show it off.

Then there's the second page of Sibling Rivalry...I have one more panel to draw and I need to color in the rest of it. I can do this soon.

Also, this is unrelated to me, personally, but Cranbrook accepted one of my dad's pieces into their permanent collection. I'm really proud of him, so I thought I should broadcast the news over the internet. Here's the letter they sent him:

And finally here is a picture I drew (with my left hand) of my friend Justin. He wanted to have big lips in the picture.

17 November 2008

no heat in my apartment

Please bear with my sort of lame posts while I struggle to write three papers that are all apparently due on Thursday. This is another glue-spray paint thing...for a zine my friend makes. The glue probably should have been thicker for this to have looked more interesting.

16 November 2008

biggish collage

Here's the beginnings of a bigger collage than what I normally do. Used a board I bought at Michael's. There more to do, and hopefully it will look nice when I'm done.

15 November 2008

times are tough

Visiting at the hospital. Usin' my laptop. I'd like to draw this or something. Maybe I'll take more quadpix of other masked people.

14 November 2008

More ideas

Today I sketched out more ideas for my Spanish class comic. I've basically figured out the beginning and the end and I'll have to go from there. The protagonist is a prostitute/hired assassin, and at the end of the comic, a police officer will try to arrest her, but her boyfriend/FBI agent will KILL HIM...and that will be it.

I went to Michael's today and bought some supplies to make something a little bigger - probably some kind of mixed-media thing.

13 November 2008


First: I've done something more with that triptych. I combined it with my pet Gluall - s/he is pictured below...such a wondrous shiny creature. S/he lives on my fridge. S/he's made out of an envelope, glue, and silver spray paint. I think that spray painting over things drawn in glue is a possible avenue I may explore further.

Additionally, the sketch is a rough, rough idea of the six-page comic I'm making for my Spanish detective fiction class. It's going to be 6 pages long and inspired by the genre "neopolicial." I'm thinking: prostitutes, drug dealers, and perhaps a gay/lesbian love triangle. I hope I can do it.

12 November 2008


Finished first page of Sibling Rivalry - expect the second and final page soon. Speed Dating will continue also. Also I'm hoping to get started on some new things...and even considering the purchase of a new digital camera! I'm worried that this blog is losing steam, and I think I need something bigger. We'll see.

11 November 2008

new beginnings

This is my start of a new comic - I'm going to take a short break from Speed Dating so I can finish it fully. Life is stressful, but I feel confident I can complete both of these pretty soon. Drawing is one of the more pleasurable parts of my life!!!

10 November 2008


Finished 1st and 2nd pages.

Most freshly finished clips.

Digital Collage

09 November 2008

slowly but surely

Worked some more on my Speed Dating comic. I will continue to do so more tonight.

08 November 2008

cookie monster

Today I baked experimental cookies: I altered my every-day chocolate chip cookie recipe to include: both white and regular chocolate chips and - RASPERBERRY! So they are raspberry chocolate chip cookies. They're strangely colored, but delightful for the other senses!

07 November 2008

cassette tape

for a mix

06 November 2008

work sux

I don't really like the collage. The drawing is lame, too, but I think I could make it stop being so.

05 November 2008


You may or may not recall a comic I posted a while ago - it was about a girl walking down a street and a little kid calls out from a window, "Hey, look at my feet!" Here are the pictures I took when this actually happened to me. I've only just not gotten around to scanning, editing, and posting them. I think I could probably work more with these images and come up with other things...

Also from when I went to New York - I visited the David Byrne "Playing the Building" installation. I tried to take pictures with a janky disposable camera...Took them to K-Mart to have them developed, and this is what they gave me back. It's pretty cool looking, though I still sort of wish the pictures had turned out right. I also think I could push this idea further than a simple scan-edit-post.

And at last, a collage I made today.

04 November 2008

melting insides (or, everything's still breaking)

First and foremost, I worked some more on my Speed Dating comic. It's looking like it's going to be a long one. I have three pages planned and partly drawn in now. I will continue working on this - it will be good when it's finished, I think.

Also, though, as I said last night, I broke two of my favorite glasses. I ended up putting them the shards into a glass jar, spray painting the lid silver, and filling the jar with water. It looks really nice. I tried scanning it, and that looks pretty cool, too. I need a better camera to take a good picture of the actual jar.

03 November 2008

dark at 6pm

I finished the two panels that were missing from the first.

Also, today, I spray painted a 40 silver. I don't know what I will do with it. I also broke two drinking glasses I really like - and I'd like to do something with the remains.

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