30 December 2008


This is a little half-assed, and probably indistinguishable. But it is the start of what will be a monster face to hang through one of the peg holes in that peg board from the other day. I have faith that it will turn out COOL.

29 December 2008

happy birthday, lele!

Today is a very special day, because a very special girl is turning 17, a very special age. This is the birthday card I made for her. Happy birthday, Lea! Also, I finished my comic, and here it is. I will scan everything in Angell hall when I stop being lazy, until then, it will just be my mom's annoying scanner.

28 December 2008

collagin' on peg board

Today I started working on this collage. It is not done yet, but it is started. IT'S BIG! I'm going to have this stuff be the background and add some kind of foreground more concrete image - but I am not sure what it will be yet, so hang in tight. Maybe tonight I will finish/start some comix - and set up my scanner so I can rescan things from my parents' house.

27 December 2008

herman miller eames

Today I made this coffee table. I will take a picture with my revived digital camera when I can. It is nothing special yet, but I plan to paint/decorate it, as well as fasten it to its bottom. Tomorrow will be a productive day.

26 December 2008


I have a feeling that unless you see the picture this one references, you won't know what it is supposed to be, so here.

25 December 2008

this little piggie

24 December 2008

just a jew on christmas eve

I made a christmas card for some goyim, though. It is backwards. Forgive me.

23 December 2008


Greetings from Minnesota. It's negative degrees here but thankfully downtown Minneapolis is connected by a huge network of sky walks. The city is surprisingly really cool. I love the architecture downtown - we've been checking out some interesting buildings, including the Guthrie Theater, which we climbed (by elevator) to the ninth floor. I'm having a good time - but I have a feeling I won't be able to post any more drawings or anything. I'm not sure how I should compensate.

Since I've gotten here I've had some really strange dreams. One happened at a mall...Just last night I had a dream about giving my dogs away (even though that is temporarily sort of happening in real life)...I have been reading comics by David Heatley a lot and I really like them, but I don't think that I should follow his lead and draw dream comics. My dreams can be really messed up (see also: the animal genitals identification test in Zoology) but I think I should stick to only occasionally telling people about them rather than sear them onto others' memories through comic.

When I get home I am going to follow through on my full day of creativity. I won't have really had a chance until then. I'm looking forward to it a lot. I will just update with things like this until then? I will try to take notes with ideas for the next few days and I can scan them when I get back home. Is Angell Hall open during winter break???

22 December 2008

free wheelin'

21 December 2008

adding a little color

I will rescan this when I get back to Ann Arbor...I do not like the way this scanner makes things look!

20 December 2008


This is what I have so far of the realization of that comic idea I wrote about entries earlier about genes causing cancer. The bottom part of the panel is cut off. When I get back to Ann Arbor, I can scan in better. I had a lot of trouble drawing the second to last panel, which, you probably cannot tell, is supposed to be the kid's view of her own lap. Otherwise I'm pretty happy with it. Maybe, if I color in that panel some obvious blue jean color, it will be easier to understand. Let us hope. More pages will come eventually.

Tomorrow, though I'm going to Minnesota until December 25th...hopefully I can still make stuff, but I am not necessarily confident it will happen. Please forgive me if I flounder. I have something like 10 or 8 days left, and I will have posted every day for 90 days. That is many days.

After the three months are over I will not stop posting...in fact hopefully I will have worked my little "c" creativity enough that I can start making more impressive things. Who knows.

19 December 2008

home sweet home

At my parents' house. Tonight I think I will be doing a lot of drawing. Hooray!

18 December 2008

another animal

Andy made this one. I will draw it later.

17 December 2008

the final day

Today I had my final final exam for the Fall 2008 semester. Last night, I tried to sleep but only managed to wrangle 2 hours into the schedule. Therefore, today I've been a total zombie, incapable of producing anything other than crankiness, really. That I must soon go work for 7 hours (until 2 am) adds to this dread and inability to produce. I am so close to reaching my goal of making/beginning/conceiving something every day for three months that I would hate to give up now.

Here, then, are some possible ideas I have for projects that I can engage in over break (finally, a chance to truly work on something with complete dedication that I love).

First, I have decided that I would like to graduate with Honors in my Creative Writing major. Doing this means that I must come up with an Honors project. I would like to make a comic book, and so I need to figure out what exactly it will be about. This is one goal for over break.

Next, I would like to spend one day just working on projects - a fun craft-filled day. Yes, I can do this.

Also, I want to work on the comic ideas I've had recently.

And...work some on my drawing skills, as I cannot really draw things as they fully really are (but, then, who's to say how things truly are?).

16 December 2008


Here is my drawing of a food creature Emma made. I include the photograph for reference.

15 December 2008


14 December 2008


13 December 2008


12 December 2008

another comic idea

Two summers ago, I worked at a hot dog stand on Liberty Street. Lots of weird old men would come and talk to me. One I particularly liked was Dennis - he's this quadriplegic guy (hit by a drunk driving 17 year old kid in Texas) Vietnam veteran. Since he can't really talk well, he uses this laminated sheet of paper with letters on it to "type" out what he wants to say. I think a comic about him might be interesting. It's been a rough few days, this is all I have to offer.

11 December 2008

scanned when scanner

Here is a circle in a rectangle.

10 December 2008


This is what happens when you take a break from writing a paper about T.S. Eliot's "The Waste Land" and make a doodle.

09 December 2008


Another scarf scan day.

08 December 2008

07 December 2008

creature on cardboard

Will scan when near a scanner.

06 December 2008

comic idea

(This counts, right?)
After school gets out, I'd like to start working on a comic that goes like this:
A little kid is driving in the car with his/her mom.
The mom turns on the radio.
On the news, the reporter says something about how researchers have discovered that genes cause cancer.
The kid looks down to his/her pants.
He/she notices that he/she is wearing jeans.
His/her face contorts in horror.
Later...he/she is at home rifling through his/her closet.
There's a pile of jeans.
He/she tells his/her mom, "Burn them."

05 December 2008

broken glass triptych

04 December 2008

collage experiment

This is more of a note to myself of a possible future project than an actual project itself. Just experimenting with bringing the third dimension into my work. I would be interested in trying a sculpture soon, but for now I will just fold and paste paper.

03 December 2008

chapped lips

02 December 2008

en espanol

English version coming soon.

01 December 2008

due tomorrow

30 November 2008

dad collaboration

Visited my dad a lot this weekend. He showed me these rubbings he's been doing with plain white paper, medical tape, and crayon. He gave me one that I liked a lot and told me to do something with it. This is what I came up with.

29 November 2008

29 november 2008

28 November 2008



27 November 2008

Happy Thanksgiving

Slow progress on my hard boiled comic. But progress, nonetheless!

26 November 2008

collage of old things

25 November 2008

24 November 2008

23 November 2008

i am very close

You probably wouldn't guess it, but I used pieces of the pictures of the Alden B. Dow house to make this digital collage. Oh, wow!

22 November 2008

Field Trip

Today I went to the Dow House in Midland, Michigan. It was really awesome and inspiring. For now, all I have from the experience are some photographs, but I'm hoping to use what I saw to make something of my own. That counts for this project, right?

21 November 2008

Tough Week!

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