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30 September 2009

27 September 2009


This is pretty lame but maybe on the right track...I could do better. And I will!

26 September 2009

probably too weak for work

I like this game!

25 September 2009

flexing my atrophied creative biceps

Stamped three stamp pads on a piece of paper. There were open splotches left in each. As an exercise, I instructed myself to make each splotch into something else, which is what you see here.


24 September 2009

art projects?! for HOMEWORK!?!

Started working on this today, for my outsider art class art assignment. I'm going to weave the lines over the entire page. It hurts my hand. I think afterward I might make copies of the page and do some sort of collage with it or something. WHO KNOWS.

23 September 2009


22 September 2009

21 September 2009

outlining my comic book

Okay - I'm buckling down and REALLY doing it now. I'm starting to actually outline this comic book. Here's one that I've finished - obviously my drawings will be very different from how they are here (as in, better, and with marker shading).

20 September 2009


Back from Chicago.

Picture below is the most awesome comic I bought at Comicon by artist Lil Nino, age 9 - "Shluby the boy with no bones!" He promises to come out with an entire book soon. For now, we will have to make do with this drawing of the character.

18 September 2009

17 September 2009

pearls at the bottom

Oh, also: after making the prints, I thought they might look really like all lined up like this, and I think I was right.

ovid and/or kafka


somehow turned into these:

Stay tuned for the next metamorphosis.

15 September 2009

inch inch inch

I need to get over to the print studio ASAP.

at a stumbling block

boo hoo
brian troubles
scanner troubles
inspiration, please return to me!

13 September 2009

tired eyes

10 September 2009


Been SO BUSY lately. Haven't had time to do anything. However, soon there should be a multitude of new posts on this blog, once I get rolling on all my senior projects!

07 September 2009


Janet's new hairdo? The screen printing possibilities are limitless with this. More investigation after round 2 of my labor day laboring.

06 September 2009

05 September 2009

happy little surprises

Today I caught a glimpse of gnats swarming sparkling in a ray of sunlight. It was a sight to behold, and I'd never before realized how beautiful and nice gnats could be.

03 September 2009


02 September 2009

01 September 2009

want to fly a kite

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