30 October 2009

nosehair: revisited

Experimenting with extra nose/hair prints...

29 October 2009

preview of various progress

This is a drawing I'm working on. It's not finished.

This is pretty terrible quality (since it's just a photobooth picture of my drawing!), but I guess it's better than nothing. I've decided I don't want to show too much at a time of my comic. I'd rather wait until it's totally finished and put together to show it off to the world. This is my first big thing, and I want to keep it special. Nonetheless, I suppose I can occasionally post out-of-context clips of drawings for the project. So...ta da.

27 October 2009

24 October 2009

horse hair

23 October 2009


22 October 2009

real posts real soon

Until then, this was funny. I apologize for the obnoxious laugh.

class field trip

For my outsider art seminar, we went on a field trip to Redford, Michigan and saw this place. Silvio, the artist, wanted to sing a song for us. Thankfully, I caught it on video!

20 October 2009

slow progress

I worked on this, another collage, and on Homestyle Raunch today. As a bonus, here is a picture of myself I used as a reference for the comic.

19 October 2009

upside down pictures

18 October 2009

@ argo

still sleepy

I dislike my scanner. The bottom part isn't really blurry in real life.

17 October 2009


repeat after me

15 October 2009


He reminds me of "Franklin" from Arrested Development.

14 October 2009

13 October 2009

hair we go again!!

oh nose!

ROADKILL: page one outline

Wow, this is a time-consuming endeavor. I need to GET ON IT. NOW!

plus streamers (dancing in the dark)

more experiments in printmaking

Print collage on 1'x1' particle board. Two pictures - same piece. Neither one looks like the piece in real life. Trippy.

09 October 2009

starting to draw my comic

This is going to take forever, and I already hate what little I've drawn so far!

07 October 2009

hats off

probably freaking out my classmates (doodles from last night)

The guy on the balloon is supposed to be Michel Foucault. I think it sort of looks like him.

05 October 2009


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