11 May 2009

as if you couldn't already (tfltm!)

None of the prints I made today looked good. I cut one of them up and glued it onto another one, and this is what happened. To me, it looks like a fish.

Um...And this.


monsieur bouche said...

wow, i love it

Loco. said...
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Maynard said...

ahh i really like this shit!

monsieur bouche said...

Can i call you : '' Fait a la maison '' ?
Actually, i use some rapidograph pens with china ink, if you dont know them, go buy yourself a set on ebay.
its metal tip, all size, and the ink (koh i nor, i think) is blacker than hell. I was tired to use those sharpies and throw em off. The only fact is not really cool is that they scratch the paper a little. But its a detail. Sometime i use some stratmore paper but in these times, i use any free paper. I just found some really old paper which is not white anymore, i like it so much, i'll post some other pieces of shit soon.
You didnt tell me what process you use, silksprint, woodcut, linocut ?

monsieur bouche said...

hey, maches ta chaussette, wow, i love tampoons, i tried to make some for the streets but it was to cheap.
Anyway, i think my life is just a portrait. Did you do a lot of '' the fish ''. I would have one of those for my new room which i probably will decorate soon. I have some place in my living room too, so, if you sell them or plan to give them to your blog friends, let me know.
And if you plan to visit montreal, let me know too.