02 June 2009


I've been "studying" comics in order to prepare for the construction my own comic book - it's been an extremely interesting and fun pursuit so far. Epileptic by David B. mentions the famous erotic comic artist, Georges Pichard. I was blown away by Beauchard, so I found a collection of comics by Pichard, and they are so cool that I feel compelled to post the cover art from one of his books on my blog. I know this is by no means "new" but it's new to me...and I am very impressed. Truly wild and inspiring work - if only I knew French!


elizabeth said...

epileptic is great!

DoctorMoog42 said...


He did a really bizarre comic called "Candace at Sea" that I used to have a copy of.

Guy Peellaert is cool too, you should check him out.