23 July 2010

i've come a long way

Looking back at old work can be enlightening as well as slightly painful. Last night I found my old deviantart account, and with mixed feelings of disgust, shame, and nostalgia, I went through, found the ones I wanted to save, and deleted the account. I'm embarrassed by the stuff that, at that time, I considered my finest artwork. I am thankful that now I can look at it, though, and understand that those pieces are in my past and I have evolved as an artist since then - rapidly.

This photo of Jacob H-G looking out from an overpass in Detroit is the most painful for me to accept that I took. It was when digital cameras were new and my 3 megapixel camera was actually pretty high-tech. Beyond its technical failings, this is just such a cheesy and typical shot. I was just excited at the time to get out and see what my camera could do.

I also found the "the comic that started it all." Freshman year of college, I took a writing seminar where we studied the food industry - industrial, organic, etc. I really enjoyed the class, but at times I felt overwhelmed by how frequently corn came up as a topic, and I drew this:

After positive encouragement from my peers about the short three panel strip, I began doodling little comics every now and then - the kernel of potential (if you will, ha ha) was planted within me.

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l'arriviste said...

I just stumbled upon your blog today and I like your art, especially the collages!