28 June 2011

some hand made calling cards

Well, my life is still happening, which I'm very glad about. And I still don't really have any one full-time job, so in an attempt to further my career, I've joined a networking group. It's called "Women in Children's Media," and being a member involves going to all kinds of events and meeting all these other cool ladies who are doing the things that I'm probably interested in doing. The first event that I'm going to attend is something involving American Girl Dolls, and I am looking forward to meeting women with my interests who are successful. Since I'm kind of strapped for time, I decided to make hand-made calling cards to hand out at the event. Since I went on a free catalog ordering kick and got a bunch of dogalogs...my calling cards are going to be mostly canine-oriented. Hopefully I don't hand any cards out to a cat-lover.

1 comment:

barry said...

Do you need me to send you your American Girl doll?

Love, Dad