01 September 2011

Sometimes I really wonder how/why songs get stuck in my head. I mean, most of the songs that I have stuck in my head don't really reflect my tastes in music. This one, for instance. I was just "chillin'" in my bedroom and suddenly I realize that I am silently singing this to myself. WHY! Dear lord.

I've had lots of strange information floating through my head today. Like I learned about how it used to be in vogue in ~18th century England to have your own personal hermit living on your property. Or how about this: 1/4 of the species of mammals are bats! And there are these bats that have a SIX FOOT WINGSPAN! THAT IS SO TERRIFYING. On the other hand, there also exist bats that are tiny, cute, and white, like lil marshmallows.

You learn something new every day.


Anonymous said...

there are bats at 123 N. State Street. Apartment 4

barry said...

thanks, now it's stuck in my head!

barry said...

uahh thanks, now it's stuck in my head!