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18 November 2008

almost there

Last night I broke another dish and decided to glue the pieces together and make it into a collage...I could only take a picture with my cell phone...once I'm totally done with it, I will borrow a real camera or something to show it off.

Then there's the second page of Sibling Rivalry...I have one more panel to draw and I need to color in the rest of it. I can do this soon.

Also, this is unrelated to me, personally, but Cranbrook accepted one of my dad's pieces into their permanent collection. I'm really proud of him, so I thought I should broadcast the news over the internet. Here's the letter they sent him:

And finally here is a picture I drew (with my left hand) of my friend Justin. He wanted to have big lips in the picture.

1 comment:

lindsay farris said...

oh wow dad! that is awesome.

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