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05 November 2008


You may or may not recall a comic I posted a while ago - it was about a girl walking down a street and a little kid calls out from a window, "Hey, look at my feet!" Here are the pictures I took when this actually happened to me. I've only just not gotten around to scanning, editing, and posting them. I think I could probably work more with these images and come up with other things...

Also from when I went to New York - I visited the David Byrne "Playing the Building" installation. I tried to take pictures with a janky disposable camera...Took them to K-Mart to have them developed, and this is what they gave me back. It's pretty cool looking, though I still sort of wish the pictures had turned out right. I also think I could push this idea further than a simple scan-edit-post.

And at last, a collage I made today.

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