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20 January 2009

confession collection

My cheeks are stuck in a blush, and the heat is getting to me.

I'm beginning to compile a list of stories that I might use for my honors project next year. It's difficult to remember the embarrassing stories I know people have told me in the past. I'll probably have to include some of my own, too. I need to be better about writing things down right when I think of them, because I have probably overheard a lot of things that would've been good material.

One of my favorite overhears was recently in a cafe when a girl with short dyed-black hair in a rainbow scarf (a la Hot Topic) explained her relationship to a creepy guy with greasy hair wearing a trench coat. She said that even though she is 15 and her boyfriend is 30, it works for them, because her boyfriend underwent "an emotional thing" when he was 19, and is thus stuck at the maturity level of a 19 year-old, "but society doesn't recognize that."

Oh, Society. You are too cruel.

I'm hoping to not only draw that scene, but also include a flashback to whatever I decide that "emotional thing" must have been. Could be good!

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