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15 February 2009

my face

I'm very glad I chose the angry face, because this project eats up all my time, and I'm getting frustrated! Today I didn't print anything on any fancy paper - just test prints to see how it's all coming along. I don't know whether I will settle at the end on realistic skin colors or what. I want to change some parts of my shadows. I think they could be darker, and I don't think I want to have the irises filled with the darker color. I can't tell whether the dark ink is coming out blotchy because I'm printing wet-on-wet or if it's because I'm over- or under-inking. This is a big time learning experience. I've also posted one of my mistakes in registering the blocks. It looks like scary musculature face. I've also posted the very lightest layer printed with the key block over it, as well as all the blocks. They look crappy...but when I post the final prints, mark my words, I will be satisfied!

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