26 November 2010

Although it will be sad to leave my family when I return to New York City on Monday, I won't be traveling alone. My beloved cat, my "Forever Kitty," Jessica Katz (for some reason, as I typed this, I wanted to give her a middle name, specifically "Renee" which is actually the name of one of my NYC roommates, and therefor probably a bad idea), will accompany me on the trek.

Since we haven't traveled through, or even to, New York together yet, I cannot provide an authentic pictorial representation of our experiences. However, thanks to one of my favorite features on PhotoBooth, I can simulate how I anticipate city life together might be.

Naturally, Jessica, being the independent kitty that she is, will want to take some time to explore the city on her own. She will be sure to check out the most popular sites and enjoy the full NYC experience.

If you're around the city, you might find her using the subway and other MTA services to get from place to place.

She will have a stranger photograph her standing by the "LOVE" sculpture.

I anticipate Jessica will go ice skating at Rockefeller Center.

And check out the Alice in Wonderland sculpture in Central Park.

While I respect her independence, I will insist on chaperoning her every now and then. She may resist at first but we are going to have a killer time in New York together.