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02 March 2011

After much reluctance, my maternal grandmother finally obliged our family and logged on to the internet. She is pretty overwhelmingly anti-technology; although she lugs around an antiquated cell phone, she rarely uses it. In fact, a while ago she made a passing comment about needing to buy herself a secondary address book so that she could contact people on her cell phone from the car. When I suggested she input the numbers to her cell phone, she quickly changed the topic.

Anyway, my grandma finally realized that she has a greater chance of getting in contact with us by sending us e-mails. The only problem is that she has basically no understanding of how to edit what she has written, and every missive I receive from her includes at least one typo and some comment about, "I don't know what happened here..." They're really great and funny, and I feel compelled to share this with the world (a.k.a. the few people who frequent my blog, and maybe my future self when I go back and reflect on this). So, here you are. Bask in the glory of my grandmother's attempt to use the internet. Also: if you know what "T.T.B. of C." means, please tell me, because she signs every e-mail that way and I still have no idea what it's all about.

Dear Molly,you can devise as you go along.....lots of beans. I put browned ground veal in it.I don't know what happened to this letter. You have to do creative reading.

How did the portabellos and peppers go? I made a pot of chili for Rose and Sy. He called and was raving about it. I just improvised. I have not made chili in years,But Papa used to like it.
Also it is a good entree that


Anonymous said...

Take the best of care

Anonymous said...

You should send your grandmother something on the e-mail. Ask her what it means. It's probably supposed to be SWAK.