05 May 2011

I didn't draw any of the things in this picture - they're from PictureBox shit (from here and here) - for a little ad on the site for the Fan Forum. As I said, I've been very busy. Today was my first day off since April 25th - which is good, right? That I've been busy? Because that means I've been making money, which means I can pay my rent without depleting my savings account. And that's good.

Anyway, the Fan Forum seems to be working out pretty well. Seems like people are actually getting into it, tweeting about it, etc. I've sort of come to this realization that I need to just have faith in myself and keep doing my thing, because I am hard working, creative, and smart, and eventually these things will help me make my way in the world. It's just a matter of continuing to try, which is exhausting, but worth it.

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