11 May 2011

Please, if you read this, don't send a link to this post to my grandmother. She always gets upset with me for "loving to make ugly faces" and for never "just looking good" in photographs. If I were to tell her that this is a result of my "not being photogenic" she would get angry with me and tell me to stop being so negative. Regardless, I think this is the case - I'm just not photogenic - it doesn't bum me out. People with really expressive faces do NOT generally photograph well. And whenever there's a camera aimed at my face, I freak out and make the weirdest, ugliest expression impulsively. 

Anyway, this is a picture of me taken yesterday. I guess this kind of explains why I haven't "made it" yet as a model. It also, I think, proves that I have no concept of how I look at any given moment, because had I known that my shirt was falling off me, I probably wouldn't have worn it in a professional setting. Hopefully I straightened it out for the rest of the day - HOW THE FUCK DO WOMEN WEAR PURSES? I have so much to learn before I can really call myself a "grown up."

This was the picture taken of me this morning. I realized earlier on how weird I looked and while at work (where both pictures were taken) I drew up this lovely self portrait. This is the one my grandmother cannot see. This drawing. Sorry for being negative, but I can't get over how TURTLE-LIKE I look in this picture, and why is my necklace so crooked? To be honest, I've always thought I dress decently well, but maybe it's time somebody "What Not To Wears" me. These last two pictures are just drawings I did that aren't particularly special, except in that they're the first things I've drawn in DAYS. Office jobs are so much less exhausting than working in retail. It's amazing.

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Kate Windsor (nee Middleton) said...

I should look so good!