09 November 2011

Another Gem

"March 6, 1996

Today I went to poterey class. We made cups. Mine is a soup mug. When I glaze my mug I will write Molly around it. At each notch I will make a circle (or dot). It will be writen in light blue. It'll have confettie. Lots will be wite. My cup is a slab cup. A slab is a flat peace of clay. I used an 11 inch long slab. It's about 4 and 1 half inches wide. The handle looks like a capital C. When it goes in the ciln it will shrink."

Something I find sort of funny about all these journal entries is the matter-of-factness with which I deliver my bizarre concept of reality. Like, is there actually such a thing as a soup mug? In retrospect, this idea may have just been a product of the fact that my father has always preferred to eat his soup out of mugs...He's always been pretty particular about what TYPE of mug he likes to use for soup-holding purposes. I'm glad my mom keeps sending me these. If only Miranda July didn't just publish a book of a book she wrote as a child...


barry said...

A bowl or a mug must have the right feel for me or I don't want to use it,the same goes for a toothbrush.


barry said...

Miranda July is not the first person to publish her work as a child