07 November 2011

From the Mixed-Up Files of Ms. Molly S. Roth

"Jan. 3, 1996
 I had a dream. It took place at a place near my balet class. The time was in the Middle Ages. Angelica asked her dad for a suit is shing armor. It was all blody. There was a dragin that breathed out fire. It was really what it was like in the Middle Ages. I know what it was like because I was at the Renaissance festible. I went jousting and I got knighted too. My dream was wered. I had it in the morning."

My favorite thing about this is that I managed to spell "Renaissance" correctly, but failed miserably at festival. It's weird, because I don't think I've really changed all that much since 1996 - granted I've gotten a little bit better at spelling and grammar, but I still fully understand what my 8 year-old self was talking about, which is pretty freaky!

"Feb. 21, 1996
I think I need glasses. I know eventually I will need them for my mom and dad have them. I think so because I've tested my eyes. I can spell or read stuff 1-10 feet away. But I can't see things 11-what ever the last number is. I know that I'm near sited too."

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Maurice said...

Theze muzings ar adorbell!