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20 December 2008


This is what I have so far of the realization of that comic idea I wrote about entries earlier about genes causing cancer. The bottom part of the panel is cut off. When I get back to Ann Arbor, I can scan in better. I had a lot of trouble drawing the second to last panel, which, you probably cannot tell, is supposed to be the kid's view of her own lap. Otherwise I'm pretty happy with it. Maybe, if I color in that panel some obvious blue jean color, it will be easier to understand. Let us hope. More pages will come eventually.

Tomorrow, though I'm going to Minnesota until December 25th...hopefully I can still make stuff, but I am not necessarily confident it will happen. Please forgive me if I flounder. I have something like 10 or 8 days left, and I will have posted every day for 90 days. That is many days.

After the three months are over I will not stop fact hopefully I will have worked my little "c" creativity enough that I can start making more impressive things. Who knows.

1 comment:

josh klimaszewski said...

i think that's the best panel you've posted.........