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17 December 2008

the final day

Today I had my final final exam for the Fall 2008 semester. Last night, I tried to sleep but only managed to wrangle 2 hours into the schedule. Therefore, today I've been a total zombie, incapable of producing anything other than crankiness, really. That I must soon go work for 7 hours (until 2 am) adds to this dread and inability to produce. I am so close to reaching my goal of making/beginning/conceiving something every day for three months that I would hate to give up now.

Here, then, are some possible ideas I have for projects that I can engage in over break (finally, a chance to truly work on something with complete dedication that I love).

First, I have decided that I would like to graduate with Honors in my Creative Writing major. Doing this means that I must come up with an Honors project. I would like to make a comic book, and so I need to figure out what exactly it will be about. This is one goal for over break.

Next, I would like to spend one day just working on projects - a fun craft-filled day. Yes, I can do this.

Also, I want to work on the comic ideas I've had recently. some on my drawing skills, as I cannot really draw things as they fully really are (but, then, who's to say how things truly are?).

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