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23 December 2008


Greetings from Minnesota. It's negative degrees here but thankfully downtown Minneapolis is connected by a huge network of sky walks. The city is surprisingly really cool. I love the architecture downtown - we've been checking out some interesting buildings, including the Guthrie Theater, which we climbed (by elevator) to the ninth floor. I'm having a good time - but I have a feeling I won't be able to post any more drawings or anything. I'm not sure how I should compensate.

Since I've gotten here I've had some really strange dreams. One happened at a mall...Just last night I had a dream about giving my dogs away (even though that is temporarily sort of happening in real life)...I have been reading comics by David Heatley a lot and I really like them, but I don't think that I should follow his lead and draw dream comics. My dreams can be really messed up (see also: the animal genitals identification test in Zoology) but I think I should stick to only occasionally telling people about them rather than sear them onto others' memories through comic.

When I get home I am going to follow through on my full day of creativity. I won't have really had a chance until then. I'm looking forward to it a lot. I will just update with things like this until then? I will try to take notes with ideas for the next few days and I can scan them when I get back home. Is Angell Hall open during winter break???

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