27 October 2010

check out my package

I love sending mail. Whether I will receive something in return doesn't matter, I just like putting it all together. This is the diorama I made; I'm sending it to Sophie. In an ideal world, the contents won't get damaged or destroyed in the process, but given my luck in recent weeks, I have a feeling that Murphy's Law will apply.

As an obliquely-related aside:

The other day, while working at the New York Botanical Gardens, I hit my neck on the flipper of a giant frog sculpture while trying to capture live frogs in order to relocate them to another pond. A quarter sized red splotch that strongly resembles a love bite resulted from the mishap. In the past, I remember, my friends would explain to their parents when they had hickeys that they'd gotten hit in the neck. We all knew that the lie was stupid, because it seems totally improbable that a person would get hit in the neck and usually these friends were steadily involved with someone, making the hickey so much more likely. Who gets hit in the neck, right? Of course, it happens to me. And of course when I knock neck on something, it's on a giant frog's flipper, making my story only more implausible. If only it were a love bite.

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socat said...

thank you for protecting my privacy