18 October 2010

strangers on a train

First, it is amazing to me that I can update my blog while standing at a bus stop in the Bronx waiting for the Bx19 to the Botanical Gardens.

Second, I find it amazing also how incredibly easy it is to get a complete stranger to start gushing about his/her life. I mean, seriously - the things they divulge. I was just on the 5 train and I complimented the lady beside me on her hat. That was basically all I said. "I like your hat."

And it was a dope hat. I liked it a lot. Kooky faux fur, white. Somehow, though, by the time I had gotten to my stop, she was starting to tell me about all of her friends who had died recently. This after talking about wanting badly to retire, her dreams of opening a barber shop, her daughter's pregnancy at 14, and the possibility of opening a liquor store with her boyfriend.