21 February 2011

I saw these footprints this morning when I was walking in the snow, and thought they looked a lot like fish, so I took a picture with my phone (which is strange, because I had my camera with me - it would have made the photo a lot better, I wonder why I didn't use it). When I emailed the picture to my dad, he said (unprompted by me - the I emailed him the photo without any subject line or explanation), "Cool, they look like fish swimming," so...I'm glad he agrees.

In the last few days I've been super busy, but somehow not actually racking up very many paid hours. Regardless, I've been tramping all over NYC - I went to the Upper East Side the other day to pick up some drawings from the amazing comic artist, Sam Gross (who was really delightful and had a really amazing studio); I have been working more at Anthropologie; I even went to a show last night right near my first apartment.

Will all this walking around the city, I've noticed that New Yorkers tend to walk way slower than I would expect. I don't think I am an especially fast walker, but I pass by so many people on the sidewalks and while transferring on the subway. What's the matter with these people? Why are they all walking so slow? I guess I can understand the women wearing stilettos, but beyond that I'm a little perplexed as to why I out-walk so many people on a daily basis.

Not the most mind-blowing musings - please bear with me.

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