02 February 2011

Since Eric has been here, we've done so many things, most of which involve him berating me for not having a job, for having low self-esteem, and for not writing enough on my blog. He thinks that I should try to make my blog like Hyperbole and a Half, which is, by all means, well-done and funny.

However, considering that my readership consists of my Great Uncle Maurice (Hey! I miss and love you!) and a few others, I have trouble imagining a more involved blog leading to any kind of career-related success. Plus - who the hell even reads anymore? Nobody reads, right? Why would anybody bother when there are so many apps to occupy their time??? Regardless, Eric's a nag and so I had better humor him at least this once. I mean, what could anyone possibly desire to read about more than some woeful 20-something-nobody with a useless BA and no real skills kvetching about her bummer of a life? People eat that shit up. Everyone wants to hear someone they care nothing about complaining...

So, if it is not already apparent, I have been feeling a little down on myself lately about my inability to instantly become extremely wealthy. I have been in New York a couple months now. Why haven't I found any $100 bills on the ground? Why hasn't MTV approached me about starting a reality TV show? Why aren't I famous yet? As I ask myself all these questions, I fall into a dark cycle of insecurity. This hasn't been helped by the fact that both Eric and my roommate Sarah thought the below picture, which I drew from my imagination and was originally supposed to be an ugly, creepy old dude and morphed into a weirdo uggo girl, was a self-portrait.

So what? I have been spending many of my days in my apartment. Sure it is driving me a little crazy, but think of all the great things I've gotten done. For instance, today I ran the dishwasher.

On thinking about the past few paragraphs I've just typed out, I'm realizing that in spite of all my literary prowess (HA HA HA), it may not be possible for a lowly, uneducated dolt like me to really find a way to portray the utter and mind-numbing mundanity of my life in an interesting light. And yet, I realize that Eric's probably right and I really should start trying to write more in my blog. It's just that I don't know what anyone, assuming they could tear themselves away from their iPods and Wiis and whatever, would want to read about. I guess it's just time to start living a more interesting life so there's something more worthwhile to report than something like, say, "Hey, I have a unicorn head over my house key!"


Anonymous said...

Don't write for us. Write for you.

Sara S. said...

I like your writing. Also, if your blog is popular, people will sponsor you. I think this blog was funny!

Anonymous said...

Uneducated? Hardly. You need to stop selling yourself short. You are smart and talented. I would hire you if you lived in my town.

Tardigrade Manner said...


I love your blog. And I love your drawings. And I love your life! I am betting that you will become wildly & famously successful, and already ARE. I wish we were still friends!

But really your blog is the best, I can't wait to read more.

Yyyrrrrr old buddy from the RC,

jessi holler!

molly roth said...

WOW! Jessi Holler! Where the hell have you been? Come visit and hang out. I can't believe you have paid any attention to my stupid blog! Whoa! I am really surprised! Uhhh... Let's be friends.

Come to Brooklyn!

Anonymous said...

Eric is my favorite character in this blog. You should write more about him!